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about the creator

Freia Serafina  (M.A. in Theatre, M.F.A. in Film, current PhD in Religion and Philosophy student with a focus in Women's Spirituality) discovered her link to Priestess-hood through being an actor and creator. She found an intimate link between ritual and the performing arts and, curious, began to dive deeper. What she found was awe-inspiring, magnificent, and real. Along her journey, she became a Red Tent Temple Priestess, an Inanna-Ishtar devotee, and re-awakened her divinatory and magical self. Now she wants to share everything she's learned with you.

Dance of the Seventh Daughter is a virtual temple space centered around themes of the divine feminine, sacred sisterhood, Goddess worship, and community. Dance of the Seventh Daughter is home to an academic blog with links & sources, the Body Positive Goddess Podcast, The Goddess Talks series, ritual ideas, spells, recipes, & so much more.

It's time to enter the temple.

A Note on Inclusivity

The Goddess and the Divine Feminine exist within us all, and the Temple is open to all genders. There will be many articles, podcast episodes, and mythic information presented that will clearly demonstrate the fluidity of the divine. For the purposes of my work, I will be using language that aligns with my gender expression as I am writing from my own perspective and heart-space.
A multitude of cultures and faiths will be presented in the entirety of Seventh Daughter. It is always a good practice to educate ourselves on the belief systems and customs of others so that we might form deeper bonds of understanding within our global community. That being said, we should strive to be respectful of closed practices and customs that are sacred to others.

Let us all enter the Temple together in love and unity.

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